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Catharsis - Unmei The Samurai Playmat - Tabletop Gaming Mats

Catharsis - Unmei The Samurai Playmat - Tabletop Gaming Mats

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Unmei betrayed her clans values by entering into a mens fighting tournament. For this, they executed her grandfather and cut off her arm. She was banished and now wanders the world, waiting for the fruit to ripen so the revenge is sweet.

Samurai Playmat MTG tabletop gaming rpg

This 24in x 14in (600mm x 350mm) playmat is great addition to play your Catharsis player deck on, but they are also great for trading card games such as Magic the Gathering and Pokemon. The mats are stitched together beautifully and made with high quality material.

An example of our beautifully stitched and high quality mats. There will be no watermark on the final product, we just use the mark to protect our work.


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Catharsis - Board Game By Cyber Wizard Games

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