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Leme, The Forest Elf Druid Magic Bending Artwork - Fantasy Art Prints

Leme, The Forest Elf Druid Magic Bending Artwork - Fantasy Art Prints

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Leme, Elf Druid Art Print - 8x10 inches print. We offer two styles for our art prints. Canvas paper, and a bright white matte. We offer many of our awesome characters as playmats and art prints, so be sure to check them all out. If you buy three art prints, the next two are free!

There will be no watermark on the artwork.


Character Story

Leme is very close to being a divine creature. She was not born in a normal way, but after the shattering of the Celestial Elves, she found herself created into existence.

She has memories of before she was created, memories of humans, dwarves and other races slaughtering her ancestors, but beyond that there isn’t much else. Being an Elf of the Forest, she learned to live isolated from all mortals, but she decided to even leave her clan of people, to be alone with the nature she loves.

She resided in The Great Forest, which is a 2000 square miles of nothing but beautiful trees, plants, insects, spirits, animals and more. She has had limited contact with any intelligent race in the last thousands of years.

But now, the corruption of Verity’s Aura has destroyed her forest, and she has sensed this energy thousands of years ago, but this time the energy is more powerful, and a sense of evil lingers within. She decided to go join a group formed by a Bard named Aiden. A Bard that she met seven years ago, when his friend Unmei lied dead in her forest. She brought Unmei back from death, and this was the first time she ever helped a human, because Aiden’s beautiful music showed her that there may be more to humans, than just selfish intentions. This group’s goal is to prevent the corruption from spreading, and to find the source of it.

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