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Unmei, Female Samurai - Fantasy Art Print 8x10in

Unmei, Female Samurai - Fantasy Art Print 8x10in

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Comic style 8x10 inches print of Unmei, the Samurai. We offer two styles for our art prints. Canvas paper, and a bright white matte. We offer many of our awesome characters as playmats and art prints, so be sure to check them all out. If you buy three art prints, the next two are free!


Character Story

Unmei was trained by her grandfather in the way of the sword. She lost her to father to the war, and her mother at birth. Her grandfather was all that she had left and desired to be just like him. Her grandfather considered her a prodigy in the way of the sword, and she used a unique style of wielding two swords. In her culture though, it was considered treason for a women to fight, but at the age of thirteen she wished to test her skills, and her grandfather allowed it.

She entered the sword tournament wearing a mask in Tengoku and defeated every single person in one on and one combat. She performed better than her grandfather expected, and the emperor decided that the champion must be unmasked and serve as one of his royal guards, but when they saw it was a women and not a man. They executed her grandfather, but off her left arm and exiled her from the lands of Tengoku.

Unmei was only 13 and she met Aiden, the Bard. They together travelled to The Trinity and met Rizardo, a man she fell in love with. Together they did jobs for mercenaries and earned a lot of gold and fame. One of the jobs went wrong, and Unmei found herself in a 10 on 1 battle. Rizardo used this moment as a distraction and fled, leaving the women who loved him behind. Unmei stepped in front of Aiden, and managed to defeat the ten bandits, but she took 7 deep wounds, lost her eye, and was on the verge of death, bleeding out. Aiden sung a song and a beautiful elf with green hair emerged from the nearby forest, she was impressed with Aiden’s song and decided despite her hatred for mortals, to help the young women. Unmei was saved, but she woke up with a cold hatred, a hatred that desired nothing but revenge and she would let nothing stand in her path to killing her formal clan, and finding Rizardo.

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