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Catharsis - 1 to 5 player dice rolling adventure game

Go solo or team up with your friends to tackle epic boss decks. Each deck contains traps, events, monsters, and more with a beautiful narrative to go with it.

Solo offers 132 different ways to play. Four player games offer over 8000.

  • 12 boss decks to battle!

    Encounter traps, monsters, events, and more with 12 epic bosses to fight, each deck contains 20 + cards

  • 12 characters to play

    Each character has 20 powers to use. Characters will have six powers at random to begin the game for their player board.

  • 36 Dice + 100 Tokens

    High quaity token prints with 36 dice that includes 6 tubes to store those dice in our nicely designed game box.