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Catharsis Sagas: Chapter 1 - Nocturne & 2 - Sovereign | Adventure Board Game

Catharsis Sagas: Chapter 1 - Nocturne & 2 - Sovereign | Adventure Board Game

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Catharsis Sagas

Catharsis Sagas offers you a deeper look into the dark and twisted universe of Catharsis and it's unusual inhabitants. Each set comes with 1 character & 1 boss, that can be played right out of the box as a standalone solo experience. However if you own the base game or any other expansion material, you can mix and match to your heart's content and play cooperatively up to five players. Each boss deck scales perfectly based on the number of players. The game requires strategy, cooperation, and a touch of luck to succeed as the party battles through traps, monsters, events and more. You will hunt down the boss while going through an epic narrative with numerous different choices.  Roll your dice to activate your powers, but be warned, your powers are also your health. You must carefully decide when it's wise to activate a power and how to resolve damage. Spend your morale wisely, or else you and your party will fall to the corruption of Verity.

You can learn more about the base game Catharsis by clicking here

Avatar Tier = Catharsis Core Game /W Duo Powers + Sagas Ch1 & Ch2 + 4 Playmats + Both Character Special Dice Sets + Art & Lore book

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