Catharsis Board Game - Solo and Cooperative Dice Rolling Adventure

Catharsis Board Game - Solo and Cooperative Dice Rolling Adventure

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Catharsis is a true solo and cooperative dice rolling adventure board game for 1–5 players. You play as heroes trying to prevent one of the many corruptions of Verity spreading through the land. Catharsis requires strategy, cooperation, and a touch of luck as players battle through monsters, traps, events, and much more.

Each game offers a different experience. All 12 heroes have their own unique deck of powers with their own defining role card. This allows for unique synergies in every playthrough.

You will be rolling your dice and matching those values to activate your powers as you battle through a boss deck. Each of the 12 boss decks is completely unique, packed with their own narrative and adventure, offering over 200 hours of unique gameplay!

A game is typically between 45 minutes and 1.5 hours. Regardless of the outcome., win or lose, you are sure to be having a blast by the end.

  • 569 Large Sized Cards (4.25in x 5.5in)
    • 12 character decks. Each offer 20 unique powers and a role.
    • 12 boss decks each containing over 25 cards that are completely unique from one another with traps, monsters, events, specials and more!
  • Dice and Accessories
    • 36 Six-Sided Dice
    • Six Dice Tubes
    • Magnetic Tracking Sheet: Includes a tracking pawn to help keep tabs on game progress.
    • Tokens: Used for various in-game actions and tracking.
    • 24-Page Rulebook

    Duo Powers - 66 additional cards that allow any 2 characters to share one power. We are currently running low, so they are only included in bundles.

    There are currently less than 40 copies of Catharsis available. We are only selling bundles at this point. It will take us over 8 months to restock. We plan to do a new launch in September. You can order Divine Wrath here, it's a completely standalone expansion.


    Weight: 12 Pounds  -- Dimensions: 15.7in x 15.7in x 6in


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