Divine Wrath Board Game - Solo & Cooperative Dice Rolling Adventure Game [PRE-ORDER]

Divine Wrath Board Game - Solo & Cooperative Dice Rolling Adventure Game [PRE-ORDER]

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Divine Wrath - You will get the base game which includes 5 Characters and 5 Bosses and everything needed to play completely standalone.

Sage Tier + Mega Pack - Divine Wrath + Sagas 3 & 4 + Mega Pack (10 Characters / 7 Bosses + New Card Types)

Angel Tier - Divine Wrath + Sagas 3 & 4 + Mega Pack + 10 Unique Character Dice Sets + 5 Divine Wrath Playmats + Art and Lore Book

Avatar Tier (Only Games) - Catharsis w/Duo Powers + Divine Wrath + All Sagas + Megapack

Avatar Tier Catharsis w/Duo Powers + Divine Wrath + Sagas 1, 2, 3 & 4 + Megapack + All Unique Character Dice Sets + 5  Divine Wrath Playmats + Both Art & Lore Books +  2 Catharsis playmats. If you want sleeves, please order the big box upgrade and extra sleeves.


Big Box Upgrade - This will upgrade the Divine Wrath box. Featuring a complete epic new artwork. A bigger box that includes with 800 sleeves. Enough sleeves to cover all new content which includes Divine Wrath, Chapter 3 & 4, and the Mega Pack. If you need sleeves for base game Catharsis and Chapters 1 & 2 be sure to add 800 more sleeves by searching "Sleeves"

Unique Character Dice Sets - 10 Unique Character Dice Sets + Special Boss Dice Set. These dice sets will have a a unique design for each character. You will get a total of 66 dice. This is included in Angel Tier.

Art and Lore Book - 74 page hardcover book with our best artwork and lore for each character. This is included in Angel Tier.

5 Character Playmats - Five unique playmats for each character in Divine Wrath. This is included in Angel Tier.

The new Catharsis standalone expansion Divine Wrath is an immersive board game where captivating narratives combine with strategic dice rolling, offering players unique choices. Adventure through traps, and events, engage in epic monster battles, and roll to activate your abilities. Play it as a true solo experience or cooperative up to 5 players. Each character offers a diverse playstyle, while the unique boss decks ensure variety. Combine the expansions with the base game of Catharsis expanding your options for solo or coop play with friends.

Divine Wrath introduces up to 5 new characters and up to 5 new bosses to the world of Catharsis. Sage Tier + Mega Pack brings it up to 10 characters and 7 bosses and will give you all new game content. You will also get duo powers, new card type champions, and bonus tinkerer powers.

Shipping as soon the game arrives. It's currently on the FREIGHT to USA. Non North American orders will ship out 7 days before arrival to USA.

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