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Catharsis - Art and Lore Hardcover book - 8.5in x 11in

Catharsis - Art and Lore Hardcover book - 8.5in x 11in

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The Catharsis art and lore book is 8.5inx11in and features 100 pages of content! Fall in love with the epic dark fantasy world of Catharsis.

Welcome to the world of Catharsis, a land of dark fantasy. Explore the beautiful artwork and deep lore of a realm corrupted by the nightmares of an imprisoned god. Learn about the races, the heroes, and the history that sets the stage for this epic cooperative dice rolling game where a group of elite adventurers gather to hunt the monsters that now appear in the world. This book collects the incredible concept and finalized art of the game and provides ideas for incorporating the different races and characters into your own fantasy games.


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Catharsis - Board Game By Cyber Wizard Games

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